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SHAREPLACE: Interregional and Intermodal

The project SHAREPLACE is dedicated to the networking of different mobility offers in order to balance infrastructural differences in the transregional area. On 17 October, the project managers will be showing how this works at first hand during the Salzburg Traffic Days.


Our mobility system is subject to constant change. Due to changing environmental conditions, increasing traffic volumes and new technologies, new challenges and solutions are emerging. The focus here is on using the transformation processes with regard to digitisation, decarbonisation and service orientation positively for the design of our transport system.


The Interreg project SHAREPLACE, coordinated by AustriaTech, combines all these aspects. By networking existing mobility offers and modes of transport, emissions are saved, the traffic volume is controlled more efficiently and the user is provided with a needs-oriented driving experience. In contrast to a lack of transport modes and mobility offers, the Central European transport system often lacks an integration of the different means of transport. This can result in insufficient local, regional and transnational accessibility to means of transport. In addition, differences in connections within and between urban centres can lead to an imbalance in spatial development.


In order to counteract this development, one of SHAREPLACE's tasks is to identify problems in the individual regions and to improve local, regional and transnational mobility offers by means of targeted, region-specific measures. Innovative and pragmatic approaches are pursued, such as the establishment of Living Labs, in which all interest groups are actively involved from the outset. Various measures for the future of mobility will be implemented and tested in selected pilot regions.


At the Salzburg Traffic Days, which take place from 15 to 17 October at Salzburg University, you can now experience first practical examples up close. The SHAREPLACE project managers are inviting to an intermodal excursion and will travel with automated buses, car sharing, bike sharing and a ferry, among other modes. Together the Fuschl-Mondsee region in Salzburg will be crossed and routing as well as ticketing will be handled by a so-called service hub. This offers the opportunity to experience the future of intermodal mobility live.