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ITS Challenge Winner @ITS World: Carployee

What innovative mobility solutions can look like

Oct 22, 2019

The State Prize for Mobility is awarded every two years in four categories. On the occasion of the tenth edition of the State Prize, the ITS Challenge was announced this year, in which the submitters were also able to take part. Innovative and implementable solutions in the field of ITS were in demand in order to shape the mobility of the future in a pioneering way. One of the three winners is the project Carployee.

The name is a fusion between "Car" and "Employee“. This already says what it's all about: Carployee is a carpooling exchange platform for a shared way to work.

"With the aim of encouraging employee interaction, our carpooling approach offers an innovative format to strengthen interaction and commitment."

- Albert Vogl-Bader, Carployee

How does it work?

Employees of a company with an own car offer a journey to their workplace in the app, with exact departure and arrival addresses and the time. Employees of the same company or business park can then book it this ride as passenger. Employers have the option of rewarding their employees with various incentives when using the application, such as secure parking at the workplace. In addition to carpooling, Carployee can also be used to book joint rides on public transport.

Who is involved?

The application was developed in cooperation between the Startup Carployee GmbH, Mercer, Pappas, ESG Cockpit, ÖGV, wegfinder and klimaaktiv.

What are the positive effects?

The developers at Carployee are using the application to address one of the main causes of traffic generation: the low occupancy rate. In Austria, the average occupancy rate is 1.3 persons per car. Especially for commuters who have the same route to and from work, it is a good opportunity to do the journey together. Carployee thus contributes to reducing traffic pollution and CO2 emissions in Austria. In addition, the social exchange between the employees of a company is promoted.

The prize for the Challenge winners was an invitation to the ITS World Congress in Singapore fin order to network internationally.