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AustriaTech – Gesellschaft des Bundes für technologiepolitische Maßnahmen GmbH

Raimundgasse 1/6
1020 Wien, Österreich
T: +43 1 26 33 444
F: +43 1 26 33 444 - 10

Katharina Schüller
Communications & Public Affairs
T: +43 1 26 33 444 - 48


how to find us

Via public transport

Take the Bus 5A to “Malzgasse”
Footway: Go approx. 100m straight ahead (pass Billa supermarket), then turn left into Raimundgasse.

Take the Tram 31 to “Obere Donaustraße”
Footway: Go approx. 200m straight ahead on Untere Augartenstraße, then take the second right (Schreygasse), turn left into Malzgasse and then turn right into Raimundgasse.

Metro - take the Metro U2 to “Taborstraße”
Footway: Exit towards “Obere Augartenstraße”, turn left into Kleine Pfarrgasse (280m), then turn right into Leopoldsgasse (50m), then turn left into Malzgasse (80m), finally turn left into Raimundgasse.

Another option: Take the Metro U4 or U2 to “Schottenring”. Exit towards “Herminengasse” (Note: This exit is only available from the U2 station!)
Footway: From exit “Herminengasse” go approx. 100m straight, then turn left into Franz-Hochedlinger-Gasse (60m), then right into Schiffamtsgasse (140m), finally turn left into Raimundgasse.


From Vienna International Airport

Via CAT (City Airport Train) to Wien Mitte-Landstraße, then go by Metro U4 in direction “Heiligenstadt”, get off at “Schottenring” and exit towards “Herminengasse” via U2 station.

Or take the train S7 from the airport to Wien Mitte-Landstraße, then go by Metro U4 in direction “Heiligenstadt”, get off at Schottenring and exit towards “Herminengasse” via U2 station.


Via Car

Take the motorway A4, direction to Vienna (14.7km)
Go ahead at Ost-Autobahn/E58/Schüttelstrasse (2.6km)
Go on at Donaukanal Strasse/B227 (1.8km)
Turn right into Schiffamtsgasse (185m)
Turn left into Schreygasse (85m)
Take the first right into Malzgasse
Take again the first right into Raimundgasse

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© AustriaTech

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