Corporate Governance
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inwards and outwards

Shaping future mobility also includes the consideration of societal changes. New technologies need new forms of organisation and supply in order to manifest their benefits and have positive impact on our transport system. Supporting these changes is a core task of AustriaTech. It is crucial for our understanding and our credibility to live and represent these changes within our agency with regards to the environment, inclusion and equality.

Corporate Governance

Sustainability, efficiency and environmental friendliness are the guiding principles of our actions. They shape the choice of activities and responsibilities we undertake and are the guiding principles for the management and control of the company.

On 30 October 2012, the Federal Government adopted the Public Corporate Governance Code of the Federal Government (B-PCGK). The Public Corporate Governance Code of the Federal Government (B-PCGK) is a self-binding act of the Federal Government and at the same time forms the legal framework for the management and monitoring of companies of the Federal Government. In accordance with section 4.1 B-PCGK, AustriaTech is obligated to comply with the regulations of the B-PCGK. 


Living social responsibility

AustriaTech relies on an environmentally friendly business policy and focusses activities on pioneering mobility topics. These include digital infrastructures, decarbonisation, automated driving, Mobility as a Service as well as connectivity and C-ITS. We strive to meet society's legal, ethical, economic, social and environmental expectations in all our activities and attitudes.

As federal agency AustriaTech is non-profit-organisation. We work with our partners – including infrastructure operators, mobility service providers, business and industry as well as research facilities and authorities – on succeeding in our societal mission as assigned by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (bmk).


Our contribution to more sustainability

For many years, we have been focusing on environmentally friendly initiatives when it comes to the mobility of our employees and have been offering freely accessible e-bikes or tickets for public transport.

We support the health of our employees with targeted workplace health promotion. This includes the sponsoring of participating in sport competitions and training as well as fresh fruit and drinks A regular lunch for the whole company ensures cooperation and networking within and across the different teams as well as to the management.

AustriaTech promotes the talents of its employees in the course of specific advanced training, including part- and full-time leaves and postgraduate studies. Flexible working times, tailor-made part-time models and home office ensure a sensible Work-Life-Learn-Balance.

AustriaTech recruits without any reservation and all applicants will find the same conditions, no matter what age, sex or origin. In our exemplary function as an organisation close to the public, AustriaTech opposes the discrimination of people in the business world. Our ongoing efforts for equality of opportunity, gender balance and equal paymen, are showing positive results for several years now. For young talents, we offer numerous paid internships for students every year.