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Shaping mobility transformation in partnership

Jul 5, 2023

The digital and green transformation in mobility is teamwork. Especially knowledge and partnerships are needed. In the current annual report, AustriaTech shows the opportunities offered by cooperations and the development of know-how in mobility and how it uses this itself.

Talking about climate change goes hand in hand with talking mobility transformation. As undeniable as transport’s negative contribution to climate change is we see that cooperation and evidence are needed. Truck convoys, the use of fossil fuels or low occupancy rates in individual transport alone are not decisive, but how we have shaped our overall reality of life is creating a big challenge when it comes to change. In order to achieve mobility transformation, we need holistic approaches that involve all aspects and stakeholders. „There is no “single silver bullet” for our transport problems. It's not only the important expansion of our railway network and it's not only the e-vehicle, but it's this mix, this variety of new offers: like sharing in all its facets, new mobility services or on demand transportation”, AustriaTech’s CEO Martin Russ is convinced. He sees an essential task for AustriaTech in the coordination of stakeholders and their ideas for new mobility solutions. With its neutral role in innovation processes AustriaTech has become an integral partner for public authorities and agencies and establishes connections to private stakeholders. New solutions can be developed comprehensively and cooperatively and know-how transfer could be ensured. One pathway is also paved by the initiative of “Climate-neutral Cities”, which has gained a lot of significance in the last year. AustriaTech fulfils a central coordination supporting participating cities with its mobility expertise.

Mobility transformation in a sustainable way

Digital transformation has the potential to change our future if it is oriented towards people’s realities and choices and if it is based on a sustainable business model. Broad social acceptability plays a vital role in the implementation of mobility transformation, which is why AustriaTech is involved in citizen dialogues or behavioural impact studies to better understand mobility behaviour and shape attractive mobility offers. “We focus ourselves on problem-solving approaches based on mobility data, mobility services or the organisation of traffic and transport,” Martin Böhm, Technical Director at AustriaTech, sums up. “We continuously expand our skills and make them available to other institutions and stakeholders.“ AustriaTech is piloting new technologies and solutions, and engages in creating evidence as a basis for strategic decisions. Furthermore we work on modifying legal frameworks to the newest developments in mobility, ensuring a faster and more simplified implementation for innovative projects.

From a networker to a competence centre

In order to fulfil its role as an enabler in the mobility transition, AustriaTech's strategic orientation was further refined while also manifesting itself in a change of the organisation: Stronger networking between the individual teams has made it possible to develop our tasks and activities in a more coordinated way. This connection and coordination led to the establishment of an internationally recognised competence centre for connected mobility by AustriaTech. This know-how is made available to all stakeholders. In addition to the transfer of knowledge, there are now very practical applications that are being developed with AustriaTech and thus mobility transformation is driven forward.

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