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LAirA - EU project working on solutions to reduce CO²-emmissions at airports

Aug 14, 2018

Air traffic in Europe has been on the rise for years. More and more passengers are taking advantage of the airlines' low-cost and wide-range offers of services. The impact on the environment and the transport system on the ground is thus increasing at the same time. In particular, the arrival and departure of passengers and employees from city centres to airports is becoming a serious factor.

Vienna Airport with its airport train station

The LAirA - Landside Airport Accessibility project is therefore attempting to reduce CO²-emissions from arrivals and departures with multimodal, smart and environmentally friendly mobility solutions. At the same time, it is intended to help offset the increasing pressure on the transport network.

In this project, AustriaTech acts as an interface to the Vienna International Airport and makes Austria-specific contributions to the seven priorities identified by LAirA, which are intended to reduce CO² emissions and the negative environmental impact: Electromobility, non-motorised private transport (foot, bicycle), sharing mobility, intelligent transport systems (ITS), orientation at airports and public transport. Technological solutions such as a transnationally applicable IT tool and targeted activities in the areas of sharing mobility are intended to positively change the behaviour and subjective attitude of passengers and employees.

The project is supported by the European Development Fund within the framework of Interreg Central Europe and deals with a total of 56 million passengers and 39,000 employees at Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw, Milan, Stuttgart, Dubrovnik and Poznan airports. In the project, 15 partners from seven countries are working together on solutions that will make our transport system more environmentally friendly, efficient and safe.

Tipp: On 25.9.2018 a lunch meeting (hostet by MEP Maria GRAPINI) on "Airport Access: Key to Green Mobility" (as part of LAirA) will take place in the European Parliament. The next partner meeting will take place in Milan from 20-21 September.

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