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The future of logistic data exchange and services - AEOLIX enters final project month

Aug 8, 2019

On 26th of June the AEOLIX final conference took place in Hamburg. The project enters it’s final month after a three-year long research on supply chain visibility and interoperability.

AEOLIX was born from the aim to overcome today’s fragmentation and lack of connectivity around ICT-based systems for logistics decision making. It wants to harmonise different IT systems through a harmonised pan-European data-sharing network for a more efficient supply chain. AEOLIX has develop a cloud-based, multi-enterprise “many-to-many” network which captures and streams data in real-time, and automatically translates “data format” from different IT systems giving companies the ability to rapidly respond to issues through a customised dashboard.

AEOLIX final conference

On 26th of June the AEOLIX final conference entitled “The future of logistics data exchange and services” took place at the International Maritimes Museum in Hamburg with over 120 participants. At this event, AEOLIX presented the results of a 3-year long research on supply chain visibility and interoperability involving 12 Living Labs and 18 European countries. The half-day event consisted of high-level keynote speeches, AEOLIX partner presentations specific to project results, and Living Labs interactive session in form of a marketplace.

Digitalisation was classified as one of 10 Commission priorities for 2015-2019 and stressed that to make e-transport happen, it is crucial that the different systems are connected and interoperable. AEOLIX project key figures and objective were presented by the project coordinator ERTICO-ITS Europe who also told the story behind AEOLIX coming from fragmentation of logistics IT systems and lack of connectivity for logistics decision making. The project partners presented the key results of the AEOLIX platform, Dashboard, toolkit, connectivity engine as well as the live demonstration of the Trieste Living Lab. Besides, the 12 living labs presented and demonstrated how the AEOLIX collaborative logistics ecosystem is tested and validated for their specific use cases.

Gruppenfoto der TeilnehmerInnen der AEOLIX Abschlusskonferenz vor dem Maritimen Museum in Hamburg


The future of logistics

The overall impact on society, service quality, efficiency and cooperation in the supply chain showing an increasing shift towards digitalisation in the community. The future of logistics lies in continuing to develop trust between the data consumers who must fully accept the data owner’s usage policy. AEOLIX will continue pursuing the idea of decentralization of data storage in an ecosystem of data. In order to make data sharing a reality we all need to continue to collaborate on different levels, from individual companies to international level. 

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