Automated and safe towards the future
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Automated and safe towards the future

Aug 4, 2020

Automated mobility is an important pillar in the future redesign of the transport system. Here, AustriaTech is intensively involved in accompanying the measures from the action package Automated Mobility of the BMK.

We support the Ministry in monitoring the implementation of individual measures and investigate whether there is a need for adaptation. In order to be able to offer our stakeholders the best opportunities, we are in constant exchange with the test environments and projects to bring them in line with European trends.

One of these projects is ARCADE, which is dedicated to long-term development opportunities in the field of "Connected and Automated Driving" (CAD). By creating the CAD Knowledge Base, the exchange between stakeholders has been simplified. The database provides information about projects and activities in Europe in the field of CAD.

In addition to an exchange with operators and stakeholders, the exchange with citizens should not be neglected when it comes to the topic of automation. Early information can create sustainable acceptance and makes it possible to identify the needs and fears of citizens and to pass them on to industry, politics and research. A first measure to this end was taken in 2019 within the framework of the Citizen Dialogues.

You can read more about the topic "automated mobility" in the current annual report.