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TRA2018 - Highlightreport: Closing the Gap!

Nov 30, 2018

The Transport Research Arena never sleeps. Even between the biennial conferences, participants and stakeholders continue with the agenda. The recently published Highlight Report and Session Records, there are now two readings that will perfectly fill the gap to the TRA2020 in Helsinki!

While the upcoming TRA has already started preparations for 2020, AustriaTech looks back on the highlights of this year's conference. The Highlight Report offers numerous insights into organisational aspects and illuminates the implementation on the basis of the various formats and the numerous highlights. With the Session Records, a valuable document summarizes the numerous sessions.

The documents are now available for download here (Highlight Report) and here (Session Records). Printed copies can be ordered directly from us.

All Highlights from can also be found here TRA 2018

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