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Automated mobility solutions in cities – SHOW shows how to do it

Mar 4, 2020

SHOW wants to support the path for an effective and convincing sustainable urban transport by using joint, connected and cooperative solutions. A total of 69 partners from 13 EU countries are involved.

In January 2020, the SHOW (Shared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption) project was launched with a kick-off in Brussels. 

A total of 69 partners are involved in the Horizon 2020 project. Over the next 48 months, they will address the needs and wishes of various stakeholders for urban automated mobility. Pilot projects will be carried out in various cities. In Austria, tests will be conducted in Graz, Vienna and Salzburg. The test scenarios in the pilot regions cover both passenger transport and logistics. Different use cases will be considered at the different test locations. Salzburg, for example, focuses on intercity connections to the surrounding regions, while automated on-demand transport fleets are to be used in Vienna and Graz.The results of the different locations will be measured, evaluated and compared in order to gain a better understanding of possible problem areas and missing framework conditions. 

"SHOW is a necessary step towards implementing automated mobility in urban traffic," explains AustriaTech expert Alexander Fürdös. "In order to be able to talk about the actual feasibility, the possibilities must first be tested and thus the demand must be determined".

AustriaTech is coordinator of the austrian pilot-sites. 

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