More safety and efficiency through digitalization in mobility
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More safety and efficiency through digitalization in mobility

Oct 8, 2020

Digitalization is now permeating all areas of life - including mobility. It appears in traffic planning, the automotive and logistics industries, but also in the everyday life of each individual. A sub-area that plays a major role at AustriaTech is the Digital Transport Infrastructure (DTI).

National transport infrastructure operators are already operating a digital transport infrastructure parallel to the physical infrastructure. This allows current occurrences such as weather conditions or route sections to be quickly recorded and forwarded. The digital infrastructure also plays a major role in the development of automation. However, new elements and interfaces are needed to be able to receive and use high quality and up-to-date data to the full extent.

Scenarios for mixed traffic

The INFRAMIX project was one of the pioneers in this field. Within the project, different scenarios for mixed traffic of automated and non-automated vehicles were tested, and based on these; the so-called ISAD classes (Infrastructure classification scheme for automated driving) were developed. This classification scheme provides a method for uniformly allocating components of physical and digital infrastructure for the support of automated vehicles.

A safe way to communicate

DTI is about the possibilities, as well as about the assessment of possible risk potentials. Secure communication between participants of a networked transport system is a basic element for C-ITS solutions. It is essential, that there is trust in the transmitted data and information.

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