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AustriaTech @ TRB ISFO 2023: How Traffic Management opens doors

May 25, 2023

Traffic management can do more than it seems at first glance. AustriaTech will present how much more in six very different workshops at the symposium "The Future of Traffic Management" from June 26-28, 2023. Access management is one of the topics discussed, as well as C-ITS and logistics.

The symposium "The Future of Traffic Management" - TRB ISFO 2023 for short - offers a unique platform for experts and professionals to work together on future-oriented solutions. Given the challenges of climate change, it is crucial for AustriaTech to contribute to the development of innovative solutions for traffic management. As part of this event, AustriaTech is organizing six workshops that focus on key topics and show where and how innovative traffic management can be used as a door opener for the mobility of the future. Which workshops you therefore should not miss from 26-28.6.2023, can be read here:

Workshop 5: Slot Management

Wednesday, June 28, 8:30-10am

The recent discussions in the media about transit regulations over the Brenner Pass have given the topic of "slot management" a certain relevance. In this workshop, different systems will be presented and technical feasibility will be discussed. In addition to technological aspects on the road and vehicle side, with possible booking options and infrastructure measures, the focus also lies on the required legal framework for a future-oriented slot management.

Workshop 6: Ecosystems to Enable the Sharing of Electronic Messages and Data (C-ITS and more)

Monday, June 26, 1:15pm-4:15pm

The current operation of C-ITS services in Europe and the U.S. provides the basis for further discussions during this workshop: Are existing organizational structures enough for a permanent operation of C-ITS services for the entire transport infrastructure and all vehicles? Which needs of ecosystems have to be considered to ensure a fully operational C-ITS service? How can a sustainable operation of C-ITS services and specific technical and organizational management structures be created and ensured?
Through the C-Roads-Austria project, AustriaTech has already gained expertise in the field of cooperative intelligent transport systems. Within the project, road operators and decision makers from all over Europe are brought together to harmonize C-ITS related services and to create the basis for connected and automated traffic. This is necessary to make roads safer for their users, traffic more efficient and reduce emissions. In this way, the entire European economy will benefit from a safe, reliable and efficient transport system.

Workshop 8: Sharing Mobility Data for Traffic Management

Monday, June 26, 4:15-5:45pm

Access to current and dynamic mobility data is essential for evidence-based planning, management and forecasting of passenger and goods mobility. In order to provide services, AustriaTech is working within the NAPCORE project to harmonize the provision and accessibility of these data categories with government interest. A challenging task that requires a common understanding and coordinated approach!

Workshop 12: Transportation Emergency Management during Significant Events

Monday, June 26, 1:15-4:15pm

Transportation companies from around the world share experiences in emergency management during significant events such as severe weather conditions, natural disasters and planned events. The focus of this workshop is on exceptional operations, regional measures and clear communication channels, as well as effective customer information.

Workshop 13: Urban Vehicle Access Regulations - a Key Tool for Future Traffic Management

Monday, June 26, 9-10:25am

Urban Vehicle Access Regulations - UVAR for short - offer completely new possibilities as a dynamic instrument for urban traffic management. Initial findings on organizational, technical and environmental aspects will be discussed. The focus will be on Low Emission Zones, Congestion Charging, Limited Traffic Zones, pedestrian zones and parking regulations. Already in the EU-funded project UVAR Box, AustriaTech worked on the digitalization of urban vehicle access regulations (UVARs). As a partner in the UVAR Exchange project, AustriaTech cooperated with cities and regions to intensify the data exchange of UVARs between authorities with the aim of developing specifications for Europe-wide harmonization and demonstrating the smooth transfer of UVAR data.

Workshop 14: How to implement connected and automated logistic solutions into the overall traffic management

Monday, June 26, 9-10:25am

Connected, cooperative and automated mobility - CCAM for short - is exposed to special requirements, especially for transport logistics. What are the challenges and expectations in Europe and the USA? How can a realistic implementation roadmap be developed that integrates CCAM innovations into logistics operations? An example is provided by the EU project "PoDIUM", which is dedicated to the development, evaluation and demonstration of solutions for connected, cooperative and automated mobility under real traffic conditions. The aim is to further develop both the technological aspects and the physical and digital infrastructure in a coordinated manner.

TRB ISFO 2023 is a platform for the exchange of ideas, solutions and innovations in the field of traffic management. The workshops organized by AustriaTech offer participants the opportunity to learn about current developments, exchange experiences and work together on solutions for the future challenges of mobility. We are looking forward to an intensive and innovation-driven exchange with all participants!

Here you can register for the symposium until 16.6.2023.

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