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Legal basis for Automated Mobility adapted

Mar 15, 2019

In the beginning of March the legal framework for automated mobility in Austria was officially adapted. AustriaTech took part in the adaption and supported the BMVIT with several measures. In the following we sum up, what you need to know right now, and why the amendment is an important step towards the future of mobility.

Since 11 March 2019, assistance systems such as the "Parking Aids and "Highway Pilots" may officially be used on roads with public transport. "Highway Pilots" are systems, that are already installed in many vehicle types. It is a combination of distance, speed and lane keeping assistants that enables drivers to transfer certain driving tasks to the system. Until now, drivers on Austrian motorways were obliged to hold at least one hand on the steering wheel. From now on, both hands may be removed from the steering wheel under certain conditions.


The responsibility remains with the drivers.


However, the responsibility for a safe journey is not transferred. In critical situations, drivers must always be able to intervene and react. Secondary activities, such as operating a mobile phone, are therefore still prohibited. The general liability regulations for traffic accidents remain unchanged. In general, it should be noted that the systems only perform supporting functions. Drivers are now supported by vehicle sensors in addition to their own sensory perceptions.


Besides that, drivers that did not love to park their car in narrow spots, can now use the help of the system: parking assistants take over the entire process automatically. You are now allowed to watch from the outside as the vehicle rolls into the parking space by itself. Of course, the drivers must always be able to interrupt the process and bear full responsibility for what is happening.


More safety through research and test drives


In order for Austria to maintain its pioneering role in the field of automated mobility, further test drives under real conditions are indispensable. Here, too, the amendment creates an improved framework by enabling a process acceleration for the test drives without sacrificing the high safety standards.


With the adapted legal basis for automated mobility, motorists can now rely on a reliable legal basis if they want assistance in driving or parking assistance systems. Furthermore, test drives and research efforts with the aim of developing safe, sustainable and complementary mobility concepts will be facilitated.

If you have any questions, the "Contact Point for Automated Mobility" at AustriaTech is still at your service.

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