Use data and models for efficient mobility planning
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Use data and models for efficient mobility planning

Jul 21, 2020

Transport models are useful tools for capturing historical developments and generating forecasts. AustriaTech supports the BMK as well as national infrastructure operators in the operation and evaluation of various forecast models.

In order to continue developing mobility technologies and services, the tools and models used fort hat purpose must be adapted. Consequently, the role of gathering and evaluating data steadily becomes more important. AustriaTech is intensively involved in the further development of these different tools. This concerns for example the graph integration platform GIP 2.0, or the project Traffic Forecast Austria 2040+ as well as the public transport quality classes.

The further development of the tools offers the possibility to integrate dashboard functions. Mobility dashboards are essential to show the influence of mobility offers and thus to come one step closer to a mobility guarantee. It not only shows how the system has changed in the past, but also how it would change if certain measures were taken. Here, AustriaTech acts as a companion and supporter of politicians and operators in order to be able to plan measures in the mobility sector better and implement them in an even more targeted manner.

This can be particularly helpful for rural areas, where it is often necessary to assess how and which mobility solutions can be offered in the area. The aim of these dashboards is to create evidence and visualise changes.

Read more about data and models in the current annual report.