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Mobility Talk: How to handle mixed traffic

Feb 10, 2021

In our current Mobility Talk (german version), Martin Dirnwöber talks about the challenges that can arise in mixed traffic with automated and conventional vehicles and which measures have been developed for this in the INFRAMIX project.

Automated mobility is constantly evolving. It is important to address possible scenarios of mixed traffic now. Appropriate measures are needed in order to be able to continue to guarantee aspects such as safety and efficiency in the transport system. In the past three years, the INFRAMIX project has developed three scenarios and tested them in pilot trials. Martin Dirnwöber explains: "In order to actually be able to find out which increases in efficiency and safety are possible, it was very important that the tests could cover the entire chain - i.e. from the sensors on the road to the traffic management centre and the necessary components in the vehicle.“

Together with AustriaTech, other Austrian partners as  ASFINAG, Siemens and Virtual Vehicle were also involved in the INFRAMIX project. Further project results were the development of a roadmap with recommendations for scenarios of mixed traffic as well as the development of so-called ISAD classes, which allow a classification of how far the existing infrastructure already supports automated vehicles.