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SWARCO AG @ TRB ISFO 2023: The Power of Digitalization and ITS

Jun 12, 2023

The "4th International Symposium on Freeway and Tollway Operations" will be held from 26 to 30, June 2023. SWARCO AG offers holistic solution portfolios for road marking, signage, urban traffic management, parking, highway/tunnel management, and public transport and is therefore a perfect fit for this event.

Richard Neumann, Corporate Spokesman from SWARCO AG sees ITS technologies as “game changers within the European Green Deal scenario. They help cities to reach their ambitious objectives to become carbon-neutral by 2050 and also foster multimodality and encourage the use of environmentally friendly modes such as public transport and micro mobility.“


Digitalization as a key element for sustainable traffic management

According to Neumann, digitalization has been a longstanding practice in traffic management, and its significance is expected to increase in the future. He says that data and digital processes have become integral parts of our daily lives, offering convenience and simplification: “Just think of online hotel bookings, online banking, digital maps, license plate recognition, or traffic data in the cloud.“ The data collected from various sensors form the foundation for traffic authorities to make decisions and develop adaptable strategies for improved traffic management. ”Also the utilization of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms contributes positively to the field of traffic management.”

What is the biggest challenge lying before us regarding traffic management?

Since the mobility sector is a huge contributor to global warming the focus must be on the decarbonization of our transport modes. ”Together with intelligent traffic management digitalization can help mitigate the effects of traffic and mobility on our climate. But it needs more cross-border cooperation and the harmonization of communication standards to make the transition from pilot projects to real wide-scale deployment of ITS technologies“, Neumann claims.

How can the symposium contribute?

“The know-how of highway and tolling professionals present in this conference is huge. Effective action to tackle the challenges and reach the ambitious European Green Deal goals has to start locally on our doorstep.“ This is one of the reasons why SWARCO supports the event. Neumann expressed his expectation that the event would reinforce the reputation of Austrian-made traffic technology and highlight its expertise in ITS.

Thank you for the interview!

At the following sessions, you can meet SWARCO AG:

  • Tuesday, 27 June 09:45-11:00: Plenary Session 2: Visioning Traffic Management's Future
  • Tuesday, 27 June 15:45-17:45: SWARCO: Preparing and Classifying the Road Infrastructure in terms of its Suitability for Automated Driving
  • Wednesday, 28 June 13:30-15:00: Session 5C: Managing Traffic Management System Assets and Resources
  • Wednesday, 28 June 13:30-15:00: Workshop 18: Managing Traffic for Planned Special Events
  • Wednesday, 28 June 15:15-16:45: Session 3A: Innovative Methods for Sharing Data

 Here you can find more information about the TRB ISFO 2023.

SWARCO Workshop

Preparing and Classifying the Road Infrastructure in terms of its Suitability for Automated Driving

The SWARCO workshop at the conference offers a unique platform for experts and stakeholders to delve into the crucial topic of preparing and classifying road infrastructure for the seamless integration of automated driving technologies. With a focus on the classification of infrastructure supporting wide-scale deployment of solutions, this workshop brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and policymakers to explore the challenges and opportunities associated with the transformation of road networks. Through engaging keynote speeches, collaborative working sessions, and insightful discussions, participants will navigate the intricacies of infrastructure readiness, data management, safety considerations, and policy frameworks, aiming to shape a future where automated driving thrives within a harmoniously adapted road infrastructure. This workshop promises to inspire innovative approaches, foster knowledge exchange, and establish potential pathways for follow-up actions, all aimed at revolutionizing transportation systems and paving the way towards a safer and more efficient era of automated driving.

Please pre-register for the workshop by email to:

More information