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Reduction of CO2 emissions on arrival and departure of passengers and employees at the airport

LAirA (Landside Airports Accessibility) aims to show how passengers and airport employees can reduce CO2 emissions in the long term on arrival and departure.

LAirA identified seven priorities that are relevant for achieving multimodal, intelligent and low-CO2 mobility design: Electric mobility, intermodal interface at the airport, non-motorised individual transport (foot, bicycle), sharing mobility, intelligent transport systems (ITS), orientation at the airport and public transport. In addition to technological solutions, LAirA also addresses mobility behaviour and the subjective attitude of passengers and employees when choosing transport modes and contributes to the (further) development of transport policy strategies.

In this project, AustriaTech acts as an interface to Vienna International Airport and makes Austria-specific contributions to the seven main topics. AustriaTech is also responsible for the areas of sharing mobility and ITS. AustriaTech takes on the role of coordinator for the feasibility analysis and implementation of a transnationally applicable IT tool. Pilot trials are planned at participating partner airports such as Milan Malpensa, Dubrovnik Airport and Budapest Airport.

LAirA is funded by the European Development Fund within the framework of Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE. The total project budget amounts to 2.2 million euro.


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