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ITS Point Austria

In its role as trusted third party, AustriaTech operates an impartial and independent nominated body for ITS content and service providers in accordance with § 11 of the Austrian ITS law. These legal principles are the basis for the tasks of the ITS contact point and the ITS conciliation board.

In accordance with the provisions from EU specifications, the main task of the ITS contact point is to collect and administer the self-declarations of data and content providers. It is up to the nominated body to randomly check the correctness of the self-declarations and request an evidence-based declaration of compliance with the requirements set out in the delegated regulations supplementing the ITS Directive.

The European Commission and the Member States shall continuously cooperate aiming at defining consistent procedures and quality criteria.

The core task of the ITS conciliation board is to ensure freedom from discrimination along the value chain of providing ITS services. This especially encompasses the extrajudicial resolution and mediation between conflicting parties. Incoming conciliation requests will be assessed formally and content-wise by an expert team and processed in the course of a conciliation procedure. The goal of a conciliation procedure is to achieve an out-of-court settlement within reasonable time that is acceptable for all conflicting parties.

The Austrian ITS law provides the legal basis for the ITS contact point and the ITS conciliation board. By establishing the ITS contact point, AustriaTech complies with the provisions of the Austrian law for the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and for interfaces with other modes of transport (IVS-G), BGBl Nr. 28/2013, §11 paragraph 1 number 3.