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e-Mobility Check

Development of a decision-making guidelines for owner associations, property managers and property developers for the construction of e-mobility charging infrastructure in existing housing estates

In order to achieve the Austrian climate targets, CO2 emissions in the transport sector must be reduced by 36% by 2030. In addition to strengthening the environmental alliance, e-mobility and a well-developed charging infrastructure play a decisive role. While the public charging stations in Austria are also well developed by European standards and are constantly being expanded, the current bottleneck is the retrofitting of private charging infrastructure in existing residential buildings. The aim here is to create suitable framework conditions for the market ramp-up of electromobility.

Within the project "e-Mobility Check for existing residential buildings” AustriaTech is developing together with project partners and key stakeholders a necessary tool to enable retrofitting in all existing housing estates according to uniform quality criteria and standards. This tool will also include a step-by-step guideline and cost estimation. All necessary processes and interfaces as well as standardised checklists, recommendations for action and a guideline will be made available. The project "e-Mobility Check for existing residential buildings” is supported by the Climate and Energy Fund.


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