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Traffic Safety and Automated Mobility M7174

Studies and monitoring to define relevant focus area with relevance to traffic safety for automated mobility solutions.

Competencies in the field of human-machine interaction are a key to promoting added value in the context of automated mobility and traffic safety. The project incorporates the implementation of the measures 7.1 & 7.4 of the Action Programme on Automated Mobility. The aim of the studies to be conducted is to determine how automated systems and humans interact in different subareas and how new vehicle and design concepts affect traffic safety. In addition, it will be determined which quality parameters, trust principles and education concepts will be required for this in the future and how value-added potential in the area of traffic safety can be strengthened. These aspects are also being monitored on an ongoing basis in current projects and test infrastructures in the area of automated mobility. The project is implemented on behalf of the Austrian Road Safety Fund.