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PRIO Austria

Supporting the implementation of open data according to the requirements of the ITS Directive

The European Delegated Regulation No. 2017/1926, supplementing the ITS Directive 2010/40/EU, requires that all Member States shall provide data for multimodal travel information services. Aim of the regulation is to foster the provision of data for union-wide multimodal travel information services by using harmonised specifications and standards as well as defined requirements.

The goal of the European funded project PRIO Austria is to support the early implementation of the requirements according to Delegated Regulation No. 2017/1926 and especially the national stakeholder in Austria. A national-led bundle of comprehensive activities ensures a coordinated approach and the provision of multimodal travel information services in Austria within the given timeframe. The comprehensive activities include engagement of the involved stakeholder, their support in developing national concepts; in alignment with international activities; the development of minimum profiles as well as implementing pre-existing standards and technical specifications. The data will be available via the national access point (NAP), therefore the NAP need to be adapted and extended according to the requirements of data categories of the regulation.

PRIO Austria will support the national stakeholders in implementing their activities and in initiating supplementing activities to ensure national implementation of the provision of data for EU-wide multimodal information services in line with the requirements to establish and boost open, user-friendly and transparent travel services.