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Data management in the area of automated driving


The digitisation of road networks and rapid developments in automated mobility will have an impact on the core tasks of national road authorities. This will enable the areas of traffic safety, traffic efficiency, the environment and customer service to be managed more efficiently and specifically in future.


The DIRIZON project aims to support the road authorities in determining the effects of this development. In order to achieve this goal, the project will

  • investigate the effects of digitisation and automated mobility in use cases in terms of data demand and data exchange.
  • analyse the current and future roles and responsibilities of road authorities and other stakeholders in relation to digitisation and automated mobility.
  • Identify the requirements for data exchange platforms.
  • Discuss possible business models for the use of data exchange platforms.
  • Promote the gradual transition to full digitisation of road networks.

More information can be found on the DIRIZON website.