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The multitude of responsibilities and activities presented require different skills and a clear definition of the role taken by AustriaTech along the development and operating cycles of new mobility solutions. On behalf of the bmvit, AustriaTech fulfils the role of integrator and hub between the various responsibilities as well as supporting the bmvit in the integration of relevant stakeholders. The various roles and responsibilities require the corresponding consideration in the management of the company on the part of the owner and the client, the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.


Development of Topics

AustriaTech is a strategic partner of bmvit responsible for the design and supervision of innovation processes with technological, organisational and socio-economic expertise. The innovation topics are viewed holistically and are also further developed in the context of new requirements and trends (e.g. automated driving, mobility as a service). The strategic basis for the European Commission, national priorities for other Member States, technological developments and the Austrian strategies determine the issues to be focussed on.


Consulting & Coordination

AustriaTech advises bmvit and its subsidiaries in the implementation of European regulations, the design of new instruments for mobility services and technologies as well as their implementation in Austria. The company coordinates the Austrian positions on behalf of bmvit with national stakeholders and represents Austrian interests in selected international bodies, platforms and networks.


Monitoring & Evaluation

Innovation and implementation projects as well as market developments are monitored and evaluated according to the legal mandate. This is the basis for recommendations for further thematic priorities that are also reflected in Austrian programs and calls for tender. The effects of implemented mobility services and systems are constantly monitored in order to both determine their contribution to the strategic objectives of the bmvit as well as to present the overall benefit for the users, economy and environment.


Planning & Operation

AustriaTech employs operational systems to ensure non-discriminatory access to traffic data (e.g. Austrian access to data). The collaboration in the further development of the Austrian "Transport Model" aims to improve forecasts and establish a better basis for planning. The design and further development of service offers is supported by pilot projects and demonstrations.



AustriaTech acts as a communicator to raise awareness about the benefits of mobility technologies in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental impact. Events and information on selected topics serve to better organise and shape the future mobility system. AustriaTech creates materials and position papers on selected topics and conveys these issues to specific target groups via all online and offline channels.