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The transformation processes in mobility make it necessary to respond actively and at the same time flexibly to new developments. The requirements and conditions in order to make traffic safe, efficient and environmentally friendly are complex and the needs of different target groups are varied. Furthermore, it is necessary to make positive use of current transformation aspects (digitalisation, decarbonisation, service orientation and new safety requirements) for the design of our mobility system.


AustriaTech starts the new year with a lot of motivation. By attending the Transport Research Board (TRB) in Washington D.C. we enter the dialogue with experts and researchers worldwide.


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Supporting networked and integrated mobility services is one of AustriaTech's core tasks. In numerous projects and initiatives, our employees dedicate themselves above all to the harmonised European dissemination of connectivity and C-ITS.


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The promotion of Austrian projects in the field of automated mobility is promoted by AustriaTech as a contact point for automated mobility through the networking of various actors.


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After a traffic accident, a few seconds can decide the outcome of a serious injury. With the eCall implementation coordinated by AustriaTech, the time until the emergency services are notified can be shortened significantly.