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The transformation processes in mobility make it necessary to respond actively and at the same time flexibly to new developments. The requirements and conditions in order to make traffic safe, efficient and environmentally friendly are complex and the needs of different target groups are varied. Furthermore, it is necessary to make positive use of current transformation aspects (digitalisation, decarbonisation, service orientation and new safety requirements) for the design of our mobility system.


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The first interactive INFRAMIX workshop will take place on 14 May as part of the Automobile Barcelona Fair. Hatun Atasayar, from the Automated Mobility Team at AustriaTech, explains in an interview more about the contents of the workshop and gives a short outlook.


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30. April 2019 The e-Mobility Check

E-mobility makes an important contribution to the climate targets, therefore it is necessary to make the switch to e-vehicles as easy as possible for private individuals.


Many mobility experts across Europe hope that the so-called "Linking of Services" will provide easier access to travel information for customers and more efficient and broader traffic management in public spaces. This is precisely what the AustriaTech experts are committed to in the "LinkingDanube" project: a sustainable, intermodal and sustainable mobility system.


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On Saturday April 6, 2019 automated mobility was topic to a citizen’s dialogue in five Austrian cities. Almost 170 people attended the events in Vienna, Linz, Graz, Pörtschach and Salzburg to discuss the potential of the new technology.