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What C-ITS and quality of life have in common

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Mobility is a decisive factor in improving one's own quality of life and offers the potential to raise the standard of living of society as a whole. AustriaTech summarises this idea under the motto "Mobility for Life" and deals with the mobility recipes of the future. The fact that C-ITS, i.e. cooperative systems, can also contribute to increasing quality is made clear by the current developments of C-ITS in Europe.

An international cross-testing via C-Roads platform was successfully carried out last summer. This ensured that vehicles and infrastructure "understand" each other across borders and speak the same "C-ITS language". After the Europe-wide upgrade of the road infrastructure, the first C-ITS services could become available for end-users from 2019. AustriaTech has been dealing with the topic of C-ITS for more than 10 years, coordinates the C-Roads platform and can thus contribute to a more efficient and reliable transport operation and promote a higher mobility standard.

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