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Policy Brief: Living Labs - Shaping Mobility together

Policy Brief 05_Urbane Mobilitätslabore / Dimitriy Domino via Shutterstock

A steady growth of the world population, an increase in urbanization, societal change and the advancement of technology are just a few developments that have far-reaching effects on our future mobility. As a result, the international mobility system and its players are experiencing a major change which concerns technical, organizational and legal aspects.


A change in mobility – mobility in change

Noticing these changing environments it is necessary to establish a framework for a digital, clean, service-oriented and affordable mobility system. It is ensured that mobility remains “in motion” and serves both – uses of the mobility system and economic value.

Living Labs offer an ideal framework for a joint development of future innovations in interaction with all mentioned groups and players – co-creation and user involvement are a key success factor for sustainable products and services and therefore also a key factor in the success of a Living Lab.


Current developments and Urban Mobility Labs in Austria

The latest Policy Brief provides an overview of current developments related to Living Labs and is intended to highlight the potentials for research, business, government and society. Experts provide insights into their experiences and tips for the implementation of a Living Lab. Learnings from national activities offer a broad view on the core elements of a living laboratory and show who and what is needed when it comes to create a Living Lab.

Policy Brief 05: Living Labs - Mobilität gemeinsam gestalten. Co-Creation und Real-Labore als Werkzeuge zur Entwicklung nachhaltiger Mobilitätslösungen. Ansatz, Potenziale, Ausblick. [DOWNLOAD]

More Information about Living Labs in Austria and details on the concept of Urban Mobilitylabs to be found here.