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Electric Mobility 2016 - Highlights


AustriaTech supports the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) in the implementation of national roadmaps and strategies, such as “Elektromobilität in und aus Österreich – der gemeinsame Weg” and “Saubere Energie im Verkehr”.


E-Mobility Highlights 2016


In the course of the past year, electric mobility has steadily grown in Austria. A total of 5,068 electric vehicles were registered in 2016 alone. As a result, the number of existing electric vehicles in total has risen to almost 12,000 vehicles, which is almost a doubling within a year.


Expansion of public charging infrastructure


In addition to the rapid development of the use of electric vehicles, the expansion of public charging station infrastructure is also proceeding. Users can now access a network of 2,356 charging point (of which 346 stations enable fast charging).


More details on the subject, interesting infographic and relevant national and international initiatives for electric mobility can be found in the new E-Mobility folder (only available in German):

Elektromobilität in Österreich 2016 – Highlights [DOWNLOAD]