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E-Day 2017: „Mobility Champions League“


Taking place at the Austria Center Vienna, E-Day:17 was buzzing with stakeholders, companies and start-ups dedicated to the topic of digitalization. Besides the exhibition area, loads of workshops, talks and presentations took place. Different fields such as communication, commerce and technology explained their way towards digitalization and how to implement new trends in their everyday work. Martin Russ, Manager of AustriaTech, gave a short insight about digitalism in mobility.


Service first - “Mobility for life”

Mobility is a global issue – just like Champions League. But no team will ever qualify without intensive national preparation and implementation. No one can contribute to a global agenda while ignoring national efforts. Mobility is changing and the way to deal with this new digital culture involves big chances for such a small country like Austria.


One effect of digitalism is transparency and therefore new framework conditions in the decision making progress are in place. The personal environment of the people using mobility gets more into focus; accessibility of mobility solutions becomes more important. What is needed now is a straight communication of digital developments to provide knowlegde to all users and include them firsthand in new trends.


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All the lectures and workshops will be free for download on the E-Day:17 Website soon.

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