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C-ITS: Successful test session at the EU Cooperative Corridor

C-Roads ITS Testweek

Our C-Roads car is on the road again! In July, a test session took place to compare C-ITS messages over the C-ITS Corridor in Europe. The EU Cooperative corridor takes course form Rotterdam (NL) via Frankfurt (GER) to Vienna (AT).  Therefore, data and results were gathered by the Netherlands (Intercor project), Germany (Hessen Mobil project) and Austria (Eco-AT project).


The project of the C-ITS corridor shall introduce new cooperative ITS-Services. Those require a secure and fast data communication between vehicles and infrastructure, called car-to-infrastructure-communication (C2I). The corridor will start with two certain services: the road-works-warning service (RWWS) and traffic data detection based on cooperative awareness messages (CAM).


Test cycle 6 in Vienna

As evaluation part of project phase 1, test cycle 6 took place between 21st and 23rd of March in Vienna at ASFINAG premises in a living lab environment. During this test phase, C-ITS messages with the newly added security solution BSI-V2X Pilot PKI for Infrastructure based C-ITS stations were gathered from all participating partners.


A goal was also to demonstrate the interoperability of trustworthy and secure communication between infrastructure and vehicle, even beyond national borders and all participating partners. Another focus of the test cycle was the mutual recognition of communication certificates of all participating partners. As infrastructure and vehicle components are developed by various manufacturers, further test sessions are planned. In the course, different tests will be carried out to ensure the correct implementation and interoperability.




ECo-AT (European Corridor – Austrian Testbed for Cooperative Systems) is an Austrian project to create harmonised and standardised cooperative ITS applications jointly with local partners in Germany and the Netherlands. Project lead is the Austrian highway operator ASFINAG. The consortium consists of Kapsch TrafficCom AG, Siemens AG Österreich, SWARCO AG, High Tech Marketing, Volvo Technology AB, ITS Vienna RegionFTW (Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien) and BASt (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen). You will find details on this project here.