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17. May 2017

Electric Mobility 2016 - Highlights

AustriaTech summarizes all developments in the area of traffic, vehicles, infrastructure, regulatory framework and subsidies of 2016 in the brochure “Elektromobilität in Österreich 2016 – Highlights”.


Policy Brief 05_Urbane Mobilitätslabore / Dimitriy Domino via Shutterstock

10. May 2017

Policy Brief: Living Labs - Shaping Mobility together

The latest Policy Brief by AustriaTech approaches the question on how to shape mobility together. In the process, Co-Creation and real laboratories become tools for the development on sustainable mobility solutions.


©European Union, 2017

09. May 2017

1st European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving

The conference took place in Brussels from 3rd until 4th of April. You can watch all presentations and keynotes online via web stream.



13. April 2017

E-Day 2017: „Mobility Champions League“

The event, organized by the Austrian Economic Chamber, succeeded in exploring and presenting new trends in the field of digitalization. Martin Russ from AustriaTech took part in a panel and gave a presentation about the future of mobility – the „Mobility Champions League“.


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21. March 2017

Policy Brief: Why evaluating Intelligent Transport Systems?

The newest AustriaTech-policy brief is about evaluation of Intelligent Transport Systems. In particular it contents providing an insight into needs of policy makers for large infrastructure investments and the differences in evaluation culture across the globe.