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TRA2018 Interactive Zone - a success story

The Interactive Zone of the Transport Research Arena 2018 was a complete success. More than 40 showcase projects were presented as a special highlight of the exhibition.

Visitors of the TRA were able to experience research results in a way that goes far beyond the conventional presentation of the latest developments in the field of future mobility. Not only the exhibition hall was used for the showcases, but also an outdoor area was provided, which benefited from the perfect weather conditions during the four-day exhibition. The Interactive Zone offered both, participants and exhibitors, the ideal platform to exchange ideas at a high level of expertise and to develop new project ideas together.

The new form of knowledge transfer and the marketing of science and research results was supported by many different projects. The main aim was not only to present prototypes, but also to draw attention to the context and the environment of different technologies and to consider collective approaches to solutions. Ideas and concepts became tangible through various exhibits and virtual reality presentations. On the basis of the numerous sectors represented, such as road traffic, aviation, etc., innovative approaches could be connected and made easily accessible to the participants.

The Interactive Zone of TRA2018 stood out from other research conferences because of its focus on individual communication methods of the latest technologies and their advantages for the sector. Martin Russ, Managing Director of AustriaTech and Chairman of the TRA 2018 Organizing Committee, draws a personal summary of the approach in the Interactive Zone: "In the future, I will clearly take it with me as a learning tool if we participate in a research program or a funded project. I believe that much more can be achieved in this way."


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