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Point of Contact for Automated Driving

With the Action Plan Automated Driving, the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology has launched a long-term process and taken the first step for the future rollout and use of automated vehicles and mobility services. This action plan sets the guidelines for ensuring safe, efficient and environmentally sound mobility while simultaneously strengthening the Austrian economy.

In order keep all the stakeholders involved continuously informed, dialogue formats such as the forum “Automated-Networked-Mobile” will be introduced and a national point of contact (Action Plan Automated Driving, Action 9) will be created. The bmvit has contracted AustriaTech to establish this point of contact.



Responsibilities of the Point of Contact for Automated Driving

  • Point of contact for activities related to automated driving in Austria (legal and technical issues)
  • Information centre for potential applicants for test environments
  • Support for international partnerships for Austrian projects and organizations through a strong international network
  • Support for national and RTI implementation projects
  • Establish monitoring of Austrian and international projects and activities
  • Support for the development of joint actions by order of the bmvit
  • Ensuring the exchange of information and the dissemination of results

The national point of contact is the contact partner for all organisations, which intend to test automated driving or connected vehicles on Austrian roads. Test scenarios can be explained in a form and transmitted via e-mail. The time deadlines for 2018 are:

  • 31 March
  • 30 June
  • 30 September and
  • 31 December.

After the end of the deadline, transmitted test scenarios will be rated regarding technical and legal issues. The Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology will adopt selected test scenarios into an edict. Interested organisations can start testing subsequently, if their test scenarios are mentioned in the edict. Requirements for safe testing can be found at the Code of Practice.




Vera Baltzarek, Tel. 0043 1 26 33 444-39

Wolfram Klar, Tel. 0043 1 26 33 444-46