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Vision and Mission

Vision “Mobility in Motion”

The increasing digitalisation of the international mobility system is subjecting the system and its actors to a major change. This change affects technical, organisational and legal aspects and is focused on the users of the mobility system.


Digital - Clean - Service-Oriented - Safe

AustriaTech helps to ensure a digital, clean, service-oriented and affordable mobility system in Austria. This framework ensures that “Mobility in Motion” is able to respond flexibly to changes and thus serves both the users as well as the economic added value of Austria.


Our Mission

Our mission at AustriaTech is to assist in the transformation and change processes taking place in the context of transport and mobility. AustriaTech provides information for bmvit and all relevant stakeholders with regard to technical, organisational and legal aspects of the implementation and further development of our mobility system. This entails:

  • developing and identifying options for action for bmvit and other Austrian stakeholders,
  • supporting actors of the mobility system in their decision making,
  • responding flexibly to Austrian and international change processes.

AustriaTech is a neutral body that offers our actors

  • competence,
  • quality,
  • reliability,
  • respect,
  • honesty,
  • transparency and
  • community orientation.