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The transformation processes in mobility make it necessary to respond actively and at the same time flexibly to new developments. The requirements and conditions in order to make traffic safe, efficient and environmentally friendly are complex and the needs of different target groups are varied. Furthermore, it is necessary to make positive use of current transformation aspects (digitalisation, decarbonisation, service orientation and new safety requirements) for the design of our mobility system.


This is the focus of all the activities and competencies of AustriaTech as an integrator and central contact point between the different tasks and stakeholders. AustriaTech takes on different roles along the development and deployment cycle of new mobility solutions. These range from policy advice, to the (pilot) operation of infrastructures and services and all the way to the supervision of processes as well as providing and securing the appropriate technical expertise.
The implementation of our mission is carried out in three steps:

  1. Recognise, analyse and coordinate trends and issues
  2. Determine specific issues and establish competencies
  3. Share knowledge, mobilise actors and develop general frameworks

AustriaTech consciously and actively participates in shaping the future of mobility for the benefit of everyone. It requires a high degree of coordination and synergies between policy makers, the industry, businesses and research to ensure a responsible use of the resources available. The use of new technologies and intelligent transport systems contributes significantly to improving traffic management, supporting individual mobility decisions and making our mobility system environmentally friendly.



13. April 2017

E-Day 2017: „Mobility Champions League“

The event, organized by the Austrian Economic Chamber, succeeded in exploring and presenting new trends in the field of digitalization. Martin Russ from AustriaTech took part in a panel and gave a presentation about the future of mobility – the „Mobility Champions League“.


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21. March 2017

Policy Brief: Why evaluating Intelligent Transport Systems?

The newest AustriaTech-policy brief is about evaluation of Intelligent Transport Systems. In particular it contents providing an insight into needs of policy makers for large infrastructure investments and the differences in evaluation culture across the globe.


13. March 2017

Transport Research Arena 2018 will visit Vienna

...and AustriaTech will be part of the hosting team! Together with the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and theAustrian Institute of Technolgy, AustriaTech will contribute to the oranisation and promotion of TRA 2018.


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14. December 2016

C-Roads platform launched at the kick-off-meeting in Brussels

On December, 12th 2016, the C-Roads platform was officially launched in Brussels by signing a joint Platform Agreement.