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The transformation processes in mobility make it necessary to respond actively and at the same time flexibly to new developments. The requirements and conditions in order to make traffic safe, efficient and environmentally friendly are complex and the needs of different target groups are varied. Furthermore, it is necessary to make positive use of current transformation aspects (digitalisation, decarbonisation, service orientation and new safety requirements) for the design of our mobility system.


The project SHAREPLACE is dedicated to the networking of different mobility offers in order to balance infrastructural differences in the transregional area. On 17 October, the project managers will be showing how this works at first hand during the Salzburg Traffic Days.


26. September 2018 Like a Fish in the Water

The "LinkingDanube" project takes up the challenge of making travel information easily and comprehensively accessible. In our interview with the project managers Dr. Bettina Neuhäuser and Alexander Hausmann, we examine the details and talk about the development of the project as well as the next steps.


After five exciting days the ITS World Congress 2018 in Copenhagen has come to an end. The big rush at the ITS Austria booth and especially at the C-Roads sessions allows us to draw a positive conclusion. We summarised these and other highlights from the World Congress for you.


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20. September 2018 How to: Loading an electric car

In the recently published guidelines on "How to load my car", the BMVIT and AustriaTech record important aspects of the charging infrastructure in one's personal four walls. The aim is to provide legal and technical support to tenants and owners during the installation process.